Intro to Tips about Cholesterol

It makes common sense that there are going to be foods that help keep healthy cholesterol levels and lower cholesterol when need be. Some of the rumours and the myths do actually work and others well you know what rumours can be like!

So lets explore what cholesterol is and why it has such a bad reputation nowadays, not fully justified! And some of those myths and rumours and try to separate out the truth from fiction, as well as some good tips along the way.

One confusing one is of course the egg! Is it to be avoided or not? How can lemons help? Why are statins such a controversial subject? Well hopefully some of these will be answered and you maybe surprised along the way, but definitely be in the position to be ask more informed questions when you see your doctor or other healthcare professional.

For starters, watch this short video on how to use lemon juice to reduce cholesterol, you may find it surprising!

You may want to do further research yourself. It seems the world of medicine and science has very mixed and strong opinions out there in the professional world. In the end, you will have to decide what is the best action for you to take. Why not first take a look at some of the common myths about cholesterol.